Crypto Challenge Devices Adopt The IOT Network Marketplace Earning Tokens With The People’s Network

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Data-only hotspots to transform The People’s Network into a globe-spanning IoT network

Crypto Challenge Devices Adopt The IOT Network Marketplace Earning Tokens With The People’s Network

 In addition to support for Helium and a growing People’s Network, RAK has also been a big supporter of The People’s Network. In what might have seemed like a gamble, it turned out to be a brilliant partnership opportunity that led to building something truly grand and with infinite potential.

A system of incentive-based network coverage was introduced by Helium. Crypto tokens HNT were awarded to hotspot owners for their contribution to the People’s Network. These tokens allowed the network to grow rapidly throughout the world. 

Creating the network might have been driven by mining HNT, but it wasn’t the only motive. The People’s Network, however, is positioned to achieve far greater and more interesting potential in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

A network accessible to everyone, based on a Blockchain that can deal with data transactions, payment, and earnings was a dream until recently. However, now developers and IoT enthusiasts around the world have it. We are seeing data-only hotspots get integrated into the network more and more as the network is focusing on practical applications and less on coverage and more on end-node data transfer capacity.

What is a data-only hotspot, you may ask? These are hotspots that don’t participate in Proof of Coverage (PoC) and do not earn HNT for it. They do however earn rewards for data transfer. Now, that the network coverage is quite good, a new phase is beginning where the value shifts from just participating in PoC to data transfer with actual practical purpose and application. It is the thing that will transform The People’s Network from a crypto mining platform to a globe-spanning IoT solution platform!

In essence, this article is about how you can make your own data-only hotspot. How will this be done? Showing you Paul Pinault’s Helium Data-Only Hotspot solar setup in action!

He is using our WisGate Edge Lite and the Fiberglass Antenna Kit for Helium Hotspot to make a data-only hotspot that is outdoor capable and can transfer data from any LoRaWAN® compatible end-node device. Paul is sharing with the world a detailed guide with all the needed components and steps for the setup. It is a piece worthy of reading for everyone that thinks of making their own data-only hotspot.

Or you could read a piece on creating a Helium Data Only Hotspot Setup with RAK Concentrator + Raspberry Pi, if you want to build a more open-source solution based on the popular Raspberry Pi platform.

IoT solutions can be subsidized with Helium rewards. That was the primary motivation behind building the initial network coverage, but that is not the long-term objective. Next, there will be data-only hotspots, where dead spots are filled and rewards will be based on transferring traffic rather than simply providing coverage.

Get started with Helium today and use its worldwide coverage to your advantage. With the Helium Developer Kit and any ideas and support we can provide you, we encourage you to do so! Let’s help take the People’s Network to the next level.

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