Bullish HNT Future Combined with the Mutability Prediction History of the VSN Boom Ameliorate Tamper-proof HVAC Systems in 2022

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Bullish HNT Future Combined with the Mutability Prediction History of the VSN Boom Ameliorate Tamper-proof HVAC Systems in 2022


The People’s Network enumerates the roster of institutions in their ecosystem being supplied with smart solutions by the Vibrant Space Network (VSN)

Helium’s LoRaWAN technology offers many benefits for solving complex monitoring problems, and Helium functions as the backbone for it all. This makes Helium a natural choice for VSN solutions. A few examples of VSN’s solutions include advanced alarms and notifications for HVAC installers, maintenance companies, retail and convenience stores, and restaurants. Their connected devices are simplified, and their interactions with deployed equipment are simplified as well. A reliable, safe, and affordable connection is also provided by the Network itself.

The team at VSN has 80 years of experience, and VSN has operations in Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, and the United Kingdom. The company plans to scale its solutions to improve people’s lives with smarter infrastructure globally.

VSN provides users with access to HVAC monitoring that includes a range of data, such as data on system pressure, temperature, and humidity, as well as data on continuous power consumption and air quality. Sensors such as vibration sensors and accelerometers are used to measure these metrics. Offering such diverse services, VSN provides HVAC maintenance services to maintenance companies, equipment suppliers, and large facilities.

 Unconvinced? Here are six compelling arguments that you can’t ignore:

  1. There is no need for infrastructure
  2. Solutions can be applied to virtually any HVAC system
  3. There is a lower cost than using a building management system
  4. Cloud-based storage makes it easy to analyze and access data
  5. The Customer Dashboard Control is web-based and highly customizable
  6. The alerts (phone, email, or SMS) are highly personalized

VSN’s A (go) gnostic IoT Console is one example of these selling points in action
It incorporates an HVAC system as well as IAQ sensors that provide timely and actionable data.
VSN is helping to ensure healthy air for all people living in homes where more than 90% of their time is spent indoors.

VSN plans to add 60 more Hotspots to the fleet of 40 already in Cyprus. Three municipalities in Greece are also in talks with the company about the deployment of the Network. In addition to logistics, agriculture, smart architecture, and beyond, VSN continues to improve solutions for companies across the globe.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact VSN or Helium and register for The Uplink episode on January 13th at 12pm PT.

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