Helium Blockchain’s Future Chart to receive Governance thru Prediction of Marketplace Mining via Regulatory & Configuration Parameters of PoCv11.

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What is the purpose of POC?

While the LoRaWAN PoC Protocol uses similar packets, it can run at different power and spreading factor settings than typical devices. As before, PoCv11 changes do not affect real device traffic, and Hotspots continue to earn money from Data Transfer.

Regional Blockchains

Through governance, these chain variables can be adjusted accordingly as the Network grows into regions without a regional plan or as LoRaWAN specifications change.

You can review the currently proposed vars here in draft form. In the days to come, these variables may change as we do final testing and verification.

Witness / Record Validation using PoCv11

Prior to PoCv11, a gain of 1.2 dBi was assumed when validating every receipt/witness transmission. While the 1.2 dBi is still the default gain, the chain will now operate using region-specific EIRP to ensure that witness/receipt transmissions are factored correctly. In some regions, transmit power will be reduced to comply with local limits, but the gain will improve validation on the receiver side. For example, in the US, the maximum EIRP is 36 dBm and the hardware is able to transmit at 27 dBm. If you’re operating a 9 dBi antenna, you can assert it without any transmission power loss. The chain variables have this configured for each region and frequency.

It is in the best interest of Hotspot owners and the Network to accurately set their antenna gains.

Reward Effects

 Thus any spurious transmissions going beyond region boundaries will also be considered invalid.

To show how rewards might be affected for Hotspots once PoCv11 is live, the team has been developing a visualizer. Soon, we will share it. This visualization will show the changes that could occur if Hotspot owners begin asserting their locations and antenna gains before PoCv11 is activated.

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